Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hooray Fall!!

I LOVE Fall!!! It has so many warm and wonderful connotations to me. Fall means that the weather will start to cool off. Here in Arizona, its not as much as I would like, but, that's what weekend road trips are for! Fall is a great creative time of the year in our home!

It means, Halloween decorations and costumes. It means baking and brainstorming Christmas present ideas! It means spending more time outdoors and enjoying nature. Summertime here in Mesa, AZ makes it difficult to spend a lot of time outside unless you are in a large body of water and even then, you risk 3rd degree sunburns after 20 minutes.

I welcome Autumn and look forward to it all year long. I'm so excited to start decorating the house. I make myself wait until at least 10/1....just to keep the anticipation going and not to seem like a total wack-o to my friends and neighbors!

I hope you have a delightful and joy filled Fall season!
Many blessings to your home!

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