Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just another manic...Saturday!

Boy, this was a busy Saturday! Hasn't stopped since about 6 am this morning. And I thought weekends were for relaxing?? Not in our house, weekends are the time when we cram in as many things that we love as possible! 

This morning started out with my weekly Bountiful Baskets fruit and veggie cornucopia! 

We got a lot of beautiful goodies, including 2 coconuts! This is the first time I've ever had a chance to work with a coconut from the beginning of it! 
We got two, one really big one and one smaller one. My son really just wanted the shell so he could do his 'Monty Python' horse noise all over the place...and I'll admit, I was doing it too! 

It took me forever to get the meat out of the small one, so I haven't started on the big guy just yet. Then it was on to the coconut juice...which I thought was called 'milk' but was swiftly corrected by a 10 year old...learn something new every day...the milk is squeezed out of the meat apparently. So, don't mind my label...I felt no need to correct it.

Then we shredded the cleaned meat in my food processor, which I froze and will find some yummy use for it soon....perhaps coconut cream pie!!!

Yesterday I picked up 'Deceptively Delicious' by Jessica Seinfeld at Half Price Books. We don't have any difficulties getting our kids to eat veggies, but the recipes looked really interesting and healthy so I wanted to give it a shot. Plus, sometimes the food we get from the co-op is stuff that we don't necessarily care for or have time to prepare so I've had to ditch some veggies without using them because I just didn't know what to do with them (I cut them up into small pieces and give them to the lady who sells us free range organic eggs, goes right to the chickens and back to our kitchen!). 

So I spent most of the rest of the morning and afternoon steaming, par boiling, mashing and processing fruits and veggies to freeze for the recipes in this book! I can't wait to try them out. 

Later I went to my Grandma's house so she could give me the beginners sewing lesson. I have had a machine she gave me, an old one of hers, for years without using it. Recently I've tried some easy hems and edging but really didn't know anything about what I was doing. She gave me a lot to absorb AND...she gave me some of her homemade organic tomato soup..Mmm mmm good!

So here I sit, in bed with  my laptop, listening to my sweet husband snore beside me. It was a great Saturday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm blog slow...

So, I just realized today that I have comments on my first blog! That is awesome! Thanks for checking it out!

Let's see, so, I love to cook and I also belong to a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets

Last week I had an abundance of these mini mangoes and pineapple. I love both, but am not too comfortable working with them. They are both difficult to work with and aside from mango salsa...I'm not really versed on the way of the mango! So, I went to 'old faithful' -- and found a recipe for a Pineapple Mango pie. Now, I am a pie much so that when my husband and I were looking for a little piece of land to call our own, we bought it in Pie Town, NM (no lie!). It wasn't just the name that sold me, it is gorgeous and isolated out there, I love it.

I digress...

So, I tried the Pineapple Mango Pie and (another side note, cutting pineapple is NOT my forte, it's never pretty, but always tastes good and that's what matters)followed the recipe to a 't', which is new for me, I'm typically a recipe adjuster/corrector/add-er/changer. I tried it last night and although it wasn't bad, it was a little too tart for my taste. Ugh....tonight I'll try it on the kids (they went bowling with Daddy last night so I could have some quiet time!) and hopefully they will like it.

I need to remember to take pictures of things for my blogs...I love to see the pictures of what's going on when I read other blogs.

Have a fantastic day.

Nuggets of Joy